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Robin Williams Dead In Apparent Suicide

His stand up comedy and movies made him a part of so many people’s lives-he probably never realized just how much of an impact he really had. The world just got a bit darker now that he’s gone. Rest in peace Robin Williams. 

Everyone, this was confirmed as test footage for a movie. Now enjoy the clip in HD!

According to the buzz on the web, someone at comic con leaked this test footage of a Deadpool movie and DEAR GOD I HOPE IT’S REAL.


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Seung-Hwan Oh works and lives in Seoul, where he was born and raised until moving to New York where he studied film and photography at CUNY Hunter College. His work and practice stem from his interest and approach toward other disciplinary thoughts and ideas, from philosophy to sciences. His most recent work, exhibited at Zaha Museum, was inspired by the notion of the first advent of vision in life on earth, and his current work focuses on implementing microbial growth on film as a means to explore the impermanence of matter as well as the material limitations of photography.

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See You in the Country

I’m really obsessed with Transistor right now. Please excuse me as I go back to crying over this beautiful game.

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A fantastic piece of art for Transistor from Stephanie. Bravo.


Could sports ever replace war?

I personally love the idea, but he has a point. If countries where to engage in sports to act as a replacement for war, who could be trusted to act as the referee?

leexpiredmilk asked:
Did you like Deadpool: Killustrated? I'm considering buying either that one or Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. What do you think?

I honestly haven’t read Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe so I couldn’t tell you which was better, but I LOVED Deadpool Killustrated! It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever read, and made me really get into Deadpool’s character. Killustrated does makes some references to Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, but I don’t think you need to read it in order to understand whats going on in Killustrated. 

Hope that helps!


The new interactive magazine cover we designed, built, and shot for the relaunch of Adobe’s Inspire Magazine

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