3.18 Bleeding Through Promo

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Episode 3.16 “It’s Not Easy Being Green” Promo


Let it go….


inFAMOUS Second Son Out Today

Enjoy your power on PS4 today in the next chapter of the super-human series.



3.13 “Witch Hunt” Sneak Peek #2

Classic 'Star Trek' episode revisited as a comic book using original script | The Verge



Street Fighter’s Ryu Destroys an Uninsured Motorist’s Vehicle in an Amusing Turkish Car Insurance Ad

RIP Harold Ramis. You will be missed T___T

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Night In The Woods!

Now will 1000% more leaves!

End of the Corcoran? New Plan Would Dissolve the Gallery


Plans Underway to Break Up Corcoran Gallery in DC

The Corcoran Gallery's beaux-arts building

The Corcoran Gallery’s Beaux-Arts building, designed by Ernest Flagg (photo by Laura Padgett, via art around on Flickr)

After years of financial crisis, Washington, DC’s Corcoran Gallery of Art — the city’s largest and oldest private museum, which focuses on American art — has announced a plan that would see it “cease to exist as an independent institution,” the Washington Post reports.

Under the…

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My college is being swallowed by GW-I could cry right now T___T


FMM -  ’Spies’ 

I was inspired to make this comic by this song by Coldplay, back in 2012. Time really flies. 


DESIGN: Submerged Turntable by Evan Holm

Artist Evan Holm is convinced that ‘there will be a time when all tracings of human culture will dissolve back into the soil under the slow crush of the unfolding universe’. 

To demonstrate these rather dark thoughts, he created a submerged record player that’s still producing a nearly perfect audio as demonstrated in the short video below.

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And we deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise. (x)


Good for her!

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((You guys don’t know steampunk until you head on over to this awesome little slice of heaven over here in Baltimore. This is a repurposed power plant that was built in 1900 that was converted into a Barnes and Nobel. It boasts a good selection of books, has the obligatory Starbucks inside with an awesome view of the city, but also has a really neat and informative aquarium that features wildlife you’d find in the bay! This is one awesome looking place to read. If you guys ever visit me up here in Maryland, we’d totally visit this Barnes and Noble.))

*barfs from over-excitement*

Otakon-goers: this is literally less than a ten minute walk from the convention center! It’s a great place to get coffee and unwind.

I’ve been in there-it’s literally the best Barnes and Noble ever built!